Michel Kreder turns lead-out into win

Michel Kreder was responsible for leading-out his brother Raymond and teammate Koldo Fernandez, but a gap turned into an impressive win for himself and the team.

“Today was a short and very nervous stage of 135km,” said team DS Charly Wegelius.

“The group was made especially nervous by the strong winds, and there were several attempts made to break the race in cross winds.

Garmin-Barracuda took control of the race 12km from the line with a very strong collective performance. 4km from the end the Astana team took over, but our riders came back in the last km with an all out effort.”

Michel Kreder went full gas into the last corners, and opened a gap on his rivals with the help of his teammates who allowed a gap to open that was impossible for the other sprinters to close.”

“A well deserved victory built on the back of solid team work.”

“It was really a team win,” said Kreder.

“I was suposed to do the lead-out from 1km to go and I did that with my brother and Koldo on my wheel. At 700 meters there was a small corner to the left and normally my job [would be] over there but my brother and Koldo left a gap because I went so fast in the corner.”

“I kept that gap untill the finish!”

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