22 June 2021

SEG proudly welcomes Nico Romeijn

After 14 years as “Head of Education” at the Dutch Royal Football Association (KNVB), 8 years as “UEFA Jira Panel Member” and 5 years as “Director of Coaching” and “Chief Sport Development Officer” at the U.S. Soccer Federation, Nico will join SEG as “Head of Education, Training & Development” as of July 1st.

“We are proud that Nico, with all his knowledge, experience and expertise, has chosen to join us in our ultimate mission: redefining the sports and entertainment industry”, says HR Director Remco Oversier. “To succeed as an agent in the football industry, in our view, you must have an intensive and professional education behind you. That's just where it starts, because to cast and guide exceptional sports and entertainment talent, it is crucial that agents also continue to develop as guiding partners on a daily basis. As “Head of Education, Training & Development”, Nico will further expand the existing internal training programs to an accredited education pathway for both new and existing agents. It’s our mission to offer best-in-class education courses to support agents to work with maximum passion, innovation and aspiration while creating and maximising opportunities throughout their careers and the careers of our talents.”

Nico Romeijn says, “Being part of the creation of SEG’s educational model excites and challenges me at the same time. With my vast experience in the world of football with education, training and development, I believe together with the SEG-team I can give a new dimension to the connection and collaboration with all stakeholders focused on sports and entertainment talent. All involved in the business of guiding talents must recognize that mentoring talents is a profession based on layers: the agent as a professional, the agent as a partner and the agent as a person. Like I’m looking forward to working alongside some of the best agents in our industry and making in an impact together through continual learning and development”