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Since 2000 SEG Football has been leaving its mark in the international football industry. In over two decades we have grown into one of the world’s leading agencies for football talents who aim for the top. Our single most important goal is to help football talents live their passion and fulfil their dreams.

We guide talents in men’s and women’s football, aiming to create and maximise the best career opportunities for them. To take women’s football to the next level, we cooperate closely with Dutch management agency FlowSports, that has been at the top of international women’s football for more than 10 years.  

One of SEG’s strongest point is its worldwide network of dedicated agents. This network enables us to act and work globally, but also to guide and assist our talents locally at every level and every step of their career. Within our own network we gather and share valuable market information daily to create the best opportunities to maximise the careers of our talents. SEG Football is highly reputed for its integrity, expertise and transparency.

SEG's network is so big. There's always someone from the company ready to help you no matter where you go. It gives myself and my family an easier time.

Marten de Roon

— Atalanta

SEG has proven over the years why they are the best in the management of professional athletes, showing real dedication, professionalism and above all, friendship.

Robin van Persie

— Feyenoord

I have never had another agency. Probably they’re proud of having me as a player and I’m proud of having them as my agency.

Jeremain Lens

— FC Versailles